Saturday, August 29, 2009

This eating quirk made me smile! Carter and I had mini pizzas and canned peaches for dinner. Carter ate the whole can of peaches...and didn't touch his mini pizza!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One of many passions

Carter loves trains. Loves trains. When we were in Delaware for our reunion we all took a trip up to the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Carter was utterly amazed and blown away when this huge steam engine pulled up just feet in front of him.

We took a ride on the train with some of his cousins and Carter was in heaven. He loved hearing the click-clack of the wheels on the tracks and feeling the train sway back and forth.

While in Flagstaff we stopped and visited this old train at a little museum.

I love seeing my little guy get excited about trains. He loves them all: real life ones, little wooden ones, old die cast ones, vintage fisher price ones...all of them. He loves train! And I love him!


Carter is my little buddy. Since he was a baby he's been easy-going and happy. He still is, although being two years old has added some more dimension to his personality. He loves to play rough, growl, yell "no!", and ignore me when I ask him to come with me. He's still perfectly squishy and I can't get enough of kissing his soft cheeks.

Carter's big sis and pal has started school. I thought Carter would have a hard time with her being gone but he hasn't. He's had fun playing with his toys, with me, doing mommy-school, and riding in our new van.

We're having fun with mommy-school. Each day we focus on one color. We spend about twenty minutes in the morning coloring pages for a color book and then gathering up toys from around the house that are the color of the day. We'll make a "Carter's Colors" book with the photos we take of him with his color tray. Then through out the day we find things in the community that are the color of the day. It's simple and fun.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lily's first day of kindergarten

Lily is a kindergartener! Getting ready this morning went smoothly. She got dressed in the outfit she had chosen and even made her own lunch. We visited her teacher before school started so she could be familiar with the school on her first day. Our visit had the desired effect. This morning she walked right in and sat down at her desk. She felt ownership to her classroom, desk, and teacher. She felt right at home.

I am so excited for her! I loved kindergarten and all my years of school. I'm excited for Lily to love learning. I know she will. I thought it would be a hard morning for me but it wasn't. I think I got most of my crying out in the previous weeks and months. This has been a big step for me as a mom. I have taken very seriously my responsibility to teach, nurture, and care for my children, rather than abdicate it to someone else. It's been difficult for me to realize that she will be leaving our safe little home and my direct care, and going out into a world that offers a lot of negative influences in addition to the good. I am going to miss my little girl so much! But I also know this is the right step in her development.

She knows a lot of the kids who are going to her school.

When Lily went in to meet her teacher she got to choose her desk. She loved that. Here are her fun supplies!

Post Sript: Lily had a great day at school. She said she loved it! It made me feel so good to see her run to me with a huge smile on her face. Her favorite part of the day was lunch because it was so tasty (Laughing Cow cheese on Ritz and an applesauce cup). She liked making a book all about her. She's a little artist. She didn't like the sandy playground at recess, hence the wadded up socks in her hand. Congratulations to my Lily!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Lily has been wanting her ears pierced for a while. One day when she was expressing her desire we told her that if she can be responsible and keep her room clean for two weeks (previously an impossible feat), then it will show us that she is responsible enough to care for pierced ears. She took that challenge and amazed us by cleaning her room every night for two weeks.

Nervous but brave.


Lily chose aquamarine stones that match her blue eyes. She was so proud to have her ears pierced. She's had fun showing her friends and family.