Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas was fun and sweet this year. Because of my babe in arms, I had less time to spend baking and making. We simplified a lot of activities, which allowed us a little more time to relax and play together. It felt so good to be off our normal schedule and just enjoy each other.

One night in his bedtime prayer, Carter asked to dream of sugar plums. So sweet. The next morning he said he didn't dream of sugar plums, but he was okay with it. He must have been dreaming of Legos.

My sweeties. 

We met this wonderful couple a few years ago shortly after hearing this poem:

The old crow is getting slow.
The young crow is not.
Of what the young crow does not know
The old crow knows a lot.
At knowing things the old crow
Is still the young crow’s master.
What does the slow old crow not know?
—How to go faster.
The young crow flies above, below,
And rings around the slow old crow.
What does the fast young crow not know?
—Where to go. 1
John Ciardi, “Fast and Slow,”

We decided we could learn a lot from these two, and started a great friendship. They have an exciting collection of antiques throughout their home. At Christmas time their whole home becomes a showcase of century-old Christmas decor. We enjoy their antiques, their wisdom, and friendship.

Their stockings are bunchy and bulgy...they wielded such discipline waiting for the go-ahead to dig into their stockings!

I got Elias' stocking made just in time for Christmas! I wanted to put him in it...but he's too big already!

Christmas breakfast, mmmm. Gingerbread french toast with bacon and sausage links! Having both of those in one meal is unheard of. What indulgence! 

Fountain pen!

Tap shoes!


RC car! Aaron got an RC car for Christmas. This little baby drives fast and can withstand some exciting maneuvers! We've had a lot of fun driving it and it'll provide opportunities for Aaron to teach the kids about fixing and maintaining it.

Oh this sweet squishy baby melts my heart! He loves to suck his thumb!

It was a delight to have the sister missionaries join us for dinner on Christmas day. When I was a missionary in France, far from my home and family, it was an honor and a comfort to spend a meal with a family in our congregation. It was nice to welcome these gals into our home. They are good, kind women. I hope that some day when my children are far from home, serving missions, they will likewise be welcomed warmly into a family's home to celebrate Christ's birth.