Thursday, March 17, 2011

Snow, snow, snow!!

We went sledding with our friends, Andy and Andrea last week. It was so much fun! This is the first time the kids have ever been sledding (except for when Lily was a baby) and they loved it!

Andy and Lily are just about to go over a steep little ridge. Look at the apprehensive expression on her face.

Then they're over the edge and Lily realizes it's just plain old fun!

Cutest snow baby! I love babies bundled up in puffy snowsuits. Hazy loved being outside in the fresh air. She enjoyed seeing birds flying around and seeing the tree branches move in the wind.

Andrea played a lot with Hazel.

Aaron and Andy became friends in the first grade. I think it's so cool that they're still close.

Carter's been dying to do this for months! He's been practicing at home: grass angels, carpet angels, rock angels (just kidding!).

The adult to child ratio (4:3) was perfect for a day in the snow! I could handle the extra help more often! My kids love how Andy and Andrea play with them and teach them.

Andy and the kids made a snow man.

On our afternoon walk. Carter loved throwing snowballs at everyone!!

I love that we live in the desert, but in less than two hours' time we can be in the snow. It's fabulous! We loved the snow trip and the fun with friends! As a side, I didn't take any of these photos. They were all captured by Andy, Andrea, and Aaron. I think they got some incredible pictures that weekend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweetest tea

My cute Carter was rummaging in Hazel's closet and pulled out an old tea set that's been on a shelf for ages, so we had a little tea party. This is the first time Hazel's had a tea party. It was so cute to watch the wheels turning in her head as she watched Carter and me.

After a little while she picked up a spoon and started stirring it in her cup.


Then she picked up the tea pot and poured some into her cup, then mine. It was so so precious!

Hazy took her first steps this weekend! And I missed them! I was in the other room and everyone excitedly called me in to see. She had taken a couple of steps, and didn't take any more...until yesterday. She took three cute little steps in the middle of our living room. For the time being, she still prefers her scoot to get around quickly!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy first, Hazy!

Hazy turned one in January! She was a perfect baby and she's still the epitome of joyful sweetness!

She fell in love with this baby doll at the store. Every time we passed it she got excited and talked to it. She was so excited to have her at home too!

Hazy enjoyed her cake. At first she touched the frosting and tasted it. Then she poked her finger all the way into the cake. Then she stuck her hand in. The cake looked intact from the top and the other sides...but this side looked like a little wren's nest in a saguaro cactus.

We really missed having family here to celebrate her first birthday. But we were very happy to have these good friends celebrate with us! Yes, Hazel's in her birthday suit. After the cake, she needed a bath!

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa Robison!

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa Ford!

Birthday dinner at Red Robin. Hazel may have had some help from her siblings in choosing the venue.

Carter loves their cheeseburgers.

Lily loves their mac and cheese. She only ate two servings of it this time!

Where's Hazy?