Thursday, December 19, 2013

Preschool Christmas program

Hazy has been very excited for her Christmas performance. I've gotten little sneak peeks throughout the month when she would sing snippets of the songs around the house. She was happy to sing next to her best friend, but not happy to wear a t-shirt over her beautiful dress! We had a good discussion about how wearing smile and being kind are what make us most beautiful. After some tears, she put on her t-shirt and her smile. She sang with enthusiasm! And then tore the t-shirt off as soon as the performance was over!

Jingle bells!

Elias enjoyed the show too.

Feliz Navidad!

This is the part when they get to "rock out" and shake their present maracas during Feliz Navidad! She's been telling me about how she gets to rock out during one song.

Santa came to visit! She told him she wants an Elsa (from Frozen) dress for Christmas. 

Sweetly sleeping.

This is her work of art! She waited until we got home to pick off and eat some candies. Woohoo! I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of Hazel with her teachers. I'll have to get one later. They are dynamic, fun gals! I felt proud watching my little Hazy sing and do all the little song actions with enthusiasm. She's my doll!

My older kids had Christmas performances as well.  They were on two different nights. My handsome boy sang well and then we got a milkshake afterward. Lily's performance was a few night later. I'm sad that I can't find the picture we took of her on her performance night. She sang the Beach Boys' Little Saint Nick with her classmates with sass and enthusiasm!

Monday, December 16, 2013

December snuggles

Christmas jammies! So snuggly! Hazel actually concocted her own version of pjs. Those polka dot pants are the ones we gave her, with a white top and a red tutu. For some reason she didn't want to wear that top, so she ran and put on this old pj top that was Lily's. Way to modify to meet your needs, girl! 

I died laughing when we put Elias' little hat up! He sat there, so serious, with no clue how adorable and funny he looked with the santa hat pointing to the North Pole!

Spontaneous dancing lessons.

It made me happy to see these two playing together without being prompted.

Sweet little baby likes to suck his thumb. Sometimes it's so tricky to get it in there just right! He's having more success consistently getting it in his mouth lately. Congrats to him!