Monday, October 26, 2009


We went to a pumpkin farm up north in hopes of finding some cool fall weather. We didn't find any cool weather, but we had a lot of fun and got some great pumpkins.

Aaron's teaching the kids about the oil pan, where the fuel is burned, and how the transmission works.

Lily's favorite part of the day was feeding the horses.

Carter's favorite activity was riding the train.

I love these little faces!

Choosing a pumpkin.

We got fantastic pumpkins! We'll carve them on Halloween day when Grandpa and Grandma Ford are here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Big kids' bedroom

Is our house shrinking? Or is our family just getting bigger? We're making room for Hazel. We moved Carter out of the nursery and into Lily's room. It is now called "the big kids' room!"

We brought Carter's bed in and made bunk beds for the kids. Lily is ecstatic to have bunk beds again and Carter likes that his bed is like a fort now. We got two cute little rugs to put on the floor that help define the room as Lily's and Carter's. It's been a great switch so far. The kids go down to bed well and I think it helps them feel more united.

My little goofies!
Sadly, our dear camera is ill and had to be sent away to be fixed. I'm hoping hoping hoping it will be fixed miraculously quickly so we can have it back for the holidays....or at least for all the Christmas festivities. Until we get it back, our old point and shoot is making a come back.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Great weekend and a sicky day

This weekend was awesome and a little crazy. Aaron and I attended our friends' beautiful wedding this weekend. Lily and Carter stayed with "Grandpa and Grandma Clark" who are really my aunt and uncle. Lily was feeling under the weather, so that changed our plans a bit. But we were able to attend the wedding and the kids had fun with their grandma and grandpa and cousins.

Carter adores "Grandpa." As long as he was with Uncle Neal this weekend, he was a happy camper. Uncle Neal sure is good with these kids. He plays with them and they have the greatest time together.

Cousin James, "Grandpa," and Carter, waving to a dump truck. I guess there was a bit of competition felt between the two little boys about their grandpa. Little does Carter know that James actually has more ownership of this Grandpa Clark!

Cousin Mary, Lily, and me after hunting for rocks in Grandpa and Grandma's streambed. They found a real geode and cracked it open. So cool! I also have to say that Aunt Chris (a.k.a. Grandma Clark) was an angel this weekend and took such good care of Lily when she was feeling unwell. Thank you, Chris!

I love being Lily and Carter's mom! Lily is on the mend but still a little under the weather so she stayed home today. I love having her home! We watched a Halloweeny movie together, colored, and then the kids made forts.

Lily snuggled in her fort with Lamby.

Carter backing out of his fort so I can't get his picture.

I love these kids! I adore them more than I ever thought humanly possible! They are both fun and surprise me with what they are capable of doing. I'm the luckiest mom in the world!