Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mele Kalikimaka!

My parents traveled to Hawaii to celebrate their 25th anniversary last year. Needless to say, they fell in love with the islands. My parents adore flowers and while in Hawaii, my mom was smitten with the exotic Protea flower. My sweet dad surprised my mom on Christmas Eve with a fresh arrangement of Protea flowers sent from Hawaii.

When my mom dressed for the day she put on her Hawaiian dress and shell laie. I wondered if she knew what would be arriving at our house, so I asked her why she decided to wear her Hawaiian dress and laie. She responded, "I just love them and wanted to wear them." She had no clue, but it fit my dad's plan perfectly!

They were both excited and she was so surprised! I loved watching them. It was sweet to see my parents like this together.

Since there was one Hawaiian gift on Christmas Eve, we went ahead and opened a Hawaiian themed gift my parents brought back for our family.

Jewelry for the girls, presented in gift boxes made of sea shells.

The boys got t-shirts. Carter was not impressed with a t-shirt and my mom could tell. Earlier in the visit, Carter noticed a zipper pull on my mom's purse that had their cruise ship floating in it. Carter loved it when he saw it. My mom had my dad stealthily run and get the zipper pull for Carter. When he received it, his face lit up and he said, "It matches Grandma's!" He still doesn't know that it is Grandma's!

My favorite thing in the package was a book my mom made that detailed their cruise and excursions. The pictures were beautiful.

It was fun to have a Hawaiian gift on Christmas Eve.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas baking

I love Christmas treats and foods. My very favorites are english toffee, gingerbread, and eggnog. Mmmm.

It was super duper fun having Mom and Dad here for the festivities. I have to say, I love seeing the cookies my dad decorates. They turn out so funky!

Hazel likes gingerbread too!

We made my Aunt Lynn's delicious butterhorn rolls. They're so buttery and yummy that I only make them once or twice a year.

My little baker.

Cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

No pictures of the toffee, bummer. And I don't make my own eggnog. Well, I did once when I lived in France and there was none to be found. Yes, I used raw eggs. Yes, it was delicious.

Until next Christmas, my delicious baked ones.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Christmas celebrations were wonderful. They started out with a package from Grandma and Grandpa Ford.

It was full of nativities,


homemade suckers, and crafts.

Shortly after the package arrived, my mom arrived in person! Just in time for Lily's school Christmas program and her class Christmas party. It's a treat to have Grandma here for Lily's school activities.

Lily's party was so much fun! The classroom was mayhem! Which is wonderful because normally they are calm, quiet, and very well-behaved in class. It was fun to watch the kids run, play, shout, and just have fun!

They made carameled apples. The kids loved dumping sprinkles, m&ms, and crushed candies on their apples.

These pictures cracks me up! This is her crush. And it's reciprocated. Although they've got a thing for each other, they were sooo uncomfortable standing by each other for a photo. Lily told me one day, "I'm so scared of Sean cause he loves me!" I think it's really cute. I pray that she will always talk to me about the boys she likes!

Lily was so happy to see her teacher excited about the gift cards the class gave her.

We have a hard time keeping our house tidy. The kids throw things every which way and don't give them another look. Now, how ironic is it that Lily keeps her desk organized spic and span?? If only she'd do the same thing at home!

Her neighbor's desk in contrast. Lol.