Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding bells and fainting spells

I just had a fabulous post all completed. I tried to publish it and the words were all gone! Ahh! So I'll just say that my kid brother, Mike, married this beautiful woman last week. The kids and I went up for the wedding. It was wonderful!

Since I need to make dinner and don't have time to rewrite all the particulars, I'll leave you to enjoy the photos and fill in the blanks yourself. Kind of like those "choose your own ending" chapter books that were popular when I was a little girl. You can imagine up all the cousin fun and sibling reunions, as well as who was responsible for the fainting spells...both of them!


Kool-aid is a quintessential summer treat. I have memories of drinking it during the summer time when I was little. Being that it's essentially sugar water, we rarely drink it. In fact, this may be the first time my younger two kids have had Kool-aid. I got a few packets for us to enjoy this summer. Lily made up the first pitcher of it today.

Hazel sucked it down. She started drinking and didn't stop until her sippy cup was empty!

What a glamorous lunch. I know, Aaron gets so jealous of my lunch appointments. He has to eat out frequently with friends and coworkers, poor guy. I get gourmet pb&j. Actually, I really enjoy peanut butter sandwiches. So it's okay. You'll notice the lack of fruit or vegetable on C-man's plate. I usually put some on the kids' plate, whether or not they eat it. But not today. I was too tired to get a veggie out after making fresh salsa.