Friday, July 1, 2011


Lily's on swim team this summer. She's loving it. I'm so proud of this girl! On the first day of practice they said, "Jump in and swim across the pool." She swam 25 meters right there, and has been doing it since then.

She looks so little out there in that long lane!

Lily swims freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. I'm proud of her gumption and determination.

I love this photo! It captures a glimpse of the friendship between Lily and Carter. I love watching them play and get creative together this summer. I love summer!!!!!!

I'm also very proud of my Carter boy. As of yet, swimming is more scary than fun for Carter. But he was so brave in his swim lessons this summer!

Carter was so scared to jump. His teacher, my good friend Nancy, had to count down for him a few times to get him to jump. Look at his scared, but brave!

Another brave jump!

Nancy taught him to roll over to his back for a breath...

...then roll back to his stomach and swim.
Carter's getting more and more comfortable, the more time with spend in the pool.

What do the other kids and I do while one kid is swimming? in the heat.

Hazel's first ventures on a ladder occurred during Carter's swim lessons. She was pretty excited about that.