Sunday, May 17, 2009

13 inches

That's how much length we had cut off of Lily's hair this weekend!

We've been talking about cutting her hair for a couple of months. (We make deliberate decisions around here.)

The boys had a father and sons camp-out so the girls had a fun girl time weekend. Friday evening we watched Ariel's Beginning together then got Lily's haircut. Afterward we went to dinner at In-n-Out. Lily asked to sleep with me in my bed. I love snuggling but I don't love being squished and kicked. I told her she could sleep with me but if she kicks me too much, I would just move her in to her bed. She thought that was a great idea. Well, we'll just say I woke up a lot of times in the night, but was always able to fall quickly back to sleep.

The next morning we got delicious donuts from Rainbow Bakery, a small bakery recommended by a friend. It was a bit of a drive, but completely worth it. Then we went up to the library and read, read, and read Bearenstain Bears books and checked out A Bug's Life, which Lily has been asking for for over a week.

I took these next photos before church this morning.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preschool graduation

Congratulations, Lily! She graduated from preschool tonight. Her teacher planned a cute presentation. The kids did the pledge of allegiance and sang a few of their favorite songs.

When she received her "diploma" she got to tell her favorite things about preschool: free time and playing with Semanee & Savannah. Lily adores Miss Holly. She's been a positive influence and a great source of love in Lily's life this year.

School is out!!

Today was Lily's last day of preschool. We're so excited for a summer full of fun together! We celebrated by having a party! We ate mini-popsicles and swam. It was great!

Carter was at the party too!

This is the first time for me as a mom to experience "school's out!" We're planning some super fun activities and trips for the summer. This morning I thought about how quickly the school year zipped by. Then I realized that all the school years after this are going to fly by too. In 13 more of these quick years, Lily will be growing up and moving out. Wow. I don't want the summer, and all our time together, to end.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Could Mother's day be any more perfect? I felt so loved and cared for by Aaron, Lily, and Carter. I got to sleep in and when I awoke Aaron and Lily had prepared a breakfast of crepes. The breakfast was not only delicious, it was presented beautifully and the house was clean!

We all love crepes...our three favorite toppings are strawberries & whipped cream, lemon juice on granulated sugar, and nutella. When breakfast was over, we all looked like Carter here. Just kidding.

Lily made this lovely tile for me in preschool. It is a portrait of me. I love Lily's ability to captures such feminine features as lipstick, puffy sleeves, and high heels. She was so excited to give me this tile. I love it! It sits on the counter in my kitchen where I can see it often.

Aaron surprised me with tickets to Wicked. I am so excited to see it!! I can't wait!
I found out in the evening that my dear mom got the same gift from her husband! Too bad we won't be able to attend the same showing. Hers will be in Seattle, mine will be in Phoenix. I love my mom so much and miss her.

Lily and Aaron took care of me all day long. I got to take a nap in the afternoon and didn't do an ounce of my regular work. They prepared all the meals and kept the house clean. It was wonderful. The best part of it all was feeling the love of my family.

Friday, May 8, 2009

So sweet

This afternoon Lily said to me, "Mom, go lay on your bed. I'm going to make you a Mother's day surprise." She started digging in the pantry. I wasn't sure whether she was being sweet...or sneaky. I went into my room and a few minutes later Lily walked in wearing an apron and carrying a tray full of love. She brought me caramel pudding, a broken up graham cracker, and a glass of water. Breakfast in bed.

I appreciate her sweetness toward me. Sometimes it feels like I'm constantly instructing and correcting her and so perhaps she feels like I'm a foe rather than a friend. I've made a concerted effort lately to have more fun play time with her. I think it has sweetened our relationship a lot.